Terms of Service

1. Special Note

1.1 "MoreForum"BeJOYISTAR INC.The company launched the free Build your hosting service(Free Forum Hosting Services)Platform, users can use"MoreForum"Secondary domain name and free server space to build your own business website, but also by their original domain name to build the company's website.
1.2 Of this Agreement, the term "User" refers only to"MoreForum"Successfully registered the day-to-day management of a blog, blog solely responsible for enterprise website management and operation of the natural or legal persons of full legal responsibility.
1.3 "MoreForum"Will not be allowed to take the user and user's website modify, transfer, increase, or delete operation, also will not operate, change the settings in the background of the user site.But"MoreForum"Should except the powers of authorities of the State, the legitimate and reasonable request.
1.4 The user should be fully agree to comply with all the terms of this Agreement, users to conduct blog registration process click "Agree" button means that the user has read carefully and fully accept all the terms of this Agreement.
1.5 After you successfully register,"MoreForum"Will be randomly assigned to a user account and the corresponding password, the account number and password directly responsible for the custody separately by the user. The user should all sites under its account operational activities and events held all liability.

2. Services

2.1 "MoreForum"The specific content of the network service by the"MoreForum"And the user is determined according to the actual situation, such as free domain name, free web space.
2.2 Users to understand,"MoreForum"Only provide network services, in addition to related equipment and related network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other device with access to the Internet or mobile network) and the costs (such as access to the Internetpay phone charges and Internet access paid for the use of mobile phone charges) shall be borne by the user.

3. Service changes, interruption or termination of

3.1 In view of the special nature of network services, the user agrees"MoreForum"Reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate some or all of the network services, users agree not to"MoreForum"Accountability for any form of.
3.2 Users to understand,"MoreForum"The need to regularly or irregularly platform to provide network services (such as servers, mobile networks, etc.) or related equipment repair or maintenance as a result of such situation caused by interruption of network services within a reasonable time,"MoreForum"Do not need to bear any responsibility, but"MoreForum"Should, as far in advance as possible, notice.
3.3 Occurrence of any of the following situations such as user,"MoreForum"Interruption or termination shall have the right at any time to provide users with network services without having to assume any responsibility to you or any third party:
3.3.1 The personal data provided by the user untrue;
3.3.2 Send spam; receive, send, store or available for download, dissemination of false, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, vulgar or obscene infringe any third party's patent, copyright, trademark,the honorary rights or other legitimate rights and interests;
3.3.330 consecutive days did not use in any form"MoreForum"Account number;
3.3.4 Violation"MoreForum"Using any one or more rules.
3.4 You agree that if the system determines that the relevant account as malicious account.,"MoreForum"The right to delete their account and terminate providing network services.

4. Rules of Use

4.1 Users in the use"MoreForum"Web service, must contribute to the"MoreForum"Provide accurate personal information, such as phone number, ID number, e-mail address. Such as personal information and any changes, the user must update.
4.2 Users should not transfer their username, password or lend others to use. Users find their account illegal use by others, shall immediately notify the"MoreForum".Username, password from being illegal hacking or negligent storage of users,"MoreForum"Does not assume any responsibility, full responsibility borne by the user alone.
4.4 Users in the use"MoreForum"Network services, operating in the Forum process, the following principles must be followed:
4.4.1 Comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the countries and regions where;
4.4.2 Comply with all"MoreForum"Electronic network services agreements, regulations and processes;
4.4.3 Shall not be used for any illegal purpose"MoreForum"Network Services;
4.4.4 Should not be used to"MoreForum"Cyberspace upload, display or transmit any false, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, vulgar obscenity or any other illegal information;
4.4.5 Shall not infringe any third party's patent, copyright, trademark, right of reputation, or any other legitimate rights and interests;
4.4.6 Found any illegal use of user account or the account of a security breach, you should immediately tell"MoreForum".
4.5 The user should be to protect and preserve"MoreForum"Clean, civilized and harmonious platform environment and other users' legitimate interests, do not resort to illegal means (including, but not limited to: false advertising, unfair competition, illegal links, etc.) to promote their own forum.
4.6 "MoreForum"For some special cases to make any statement, notice, warning (including but not limited to the announcement of the page, e-mail, SMS alert) as this Agreement part of the user if they continue to use the"MoreForum"Network services deemed to agree with these statements, notices, alerts.

5. Intellectual property rights

5.1 "MoreForum"All users on the subjectMoreForumSoftware licensing agreement.
5.2 Related"MoreForum"Any text, images, graphics, audio and / or video material protected by copyright, trademark and / or other property ownership laws protection, without"MoreForum"Agree that the information given above shall not, directly or indirectly, in any media release, broadcast, rewritten or re-issue out of play or publishing purposes, or for any other commercial purposes.
5.3 "MoreForum"Any software used for the provision of network services (including, but not limited to software contains any images, photographs, animations, video, audio, music, text and additional procedures, with the help materials) all rights belong to the softwarethe copyright owner, without the permission of the copyright of the software, the user may not reverse engineer the software(reverse engineer),Decompilation(decompile)Or disassemble(disassemble).


6.1 Protect user privacy"MoreForum"A basic policy,"MoreForum"Not open to the public or to third parties to provide a single user registration information and stored in the users use the network services"MoreForum"The non-public, with the following exceptions:
6.1.1 Obtain prior express authorization of users;
6.1.2 Requirements in accordance with relevant laws and regulations;
6.1.3 In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments of power;
6.1.4 In order to safeguard the interests of the public;
6.1.5 For maintenance"MoreForum"The legitimate interests of.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 User expressly agrees to use"MoreForum"The risks of network services will be fully borne by themselves.:"MoreForum"Wrong to accept any responsibility for possible losses on the user due to the risk of service.
7.2 "MoreForum"Can not guarantee network services will be able to meet the user's requirements, can not guarantee network services will not be interrupted, the user should make their own judgment and sole responsibility.
7.3 Not due to"MoreForum"The subjective errors lead to loss of user data and user forums, the user agree not to"MoreForum"Accountability for any form of.
7.4 To ensure that the content on its corporate Web site, information in line with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations of the country,"MoreForum"Not the obligation, will not go to audit the content, information on the user forum.
7.5 As"MoreForum"Delete the user's blog illegal data should be relevant government departments and the rights of the legitimate requirements, or delete their account, and terminate to provide users with"MoreForum"Related services, commitment to resolve any disputes arising from the management and operation of a business website alone, so to"MoreForum"Bring related losses, the user shall be liable for.


8.1 "MoreForum"Reserves the right to modify any of the terms of this Agreement.Once the contents of this agreement changes,"MoreForum"Will alert the user to change the information, users continue to use"MoreForum"Network services, as the content of the agreement after fully accept the changes.
8.2 If the user does not agree"MoreForum"The relevant provisions of this Agreement the changes made, the user should immediately stop using the network services.

9. The notice is served

9.1 Under this Agreement"MoreForum"User notice available through the Web announcements, e-mail, SMS or regular mail delivery.
9.2 For users"MoreForum"Should be informed through"MoreForum"Formal announcement mailing address, fax number, email address and other contact information for service.

10. Governed by the laws

10.1 This Agreement, implementation and interpretation and dispute settlement should apply and accept the jurisdiction of the user's country and regional laws.