What MoreForum ?

Is one of the most famous forum software provider - Powered by JOYISTAR INC. Official launch of the free forum hosting service.

What MoreForum ?

Free forum hosting, including space and second-level domain names are free, and does not limit the user traffic, plate number, the number of members and the number of attachments. Moreover, these services will be permanently free. My territory also provide a forum style add, add plug-ins, the show of personality Territory, domain name binding as well as data backup function. Other new features in the constantly increasing. the

MoreForum and other Free Forum What are the advantages?

Simply following five:
Advantage: strength JOYISTAR INC. Official effort to build, has a strong backing and technological development capability. 287932 users choice has proven MoreForum Is the best forum software in the market.
Advantages: security and stability, support data backup, can export data import, 7 * 24 expert management server never goes down.
Three advantages: free forum, free domain names, free to bind its own domain name, unlimited traffic, unlimited space, no ads, no additional restrictions.
Advantages: Forum style, random change, full of personality and simple to get started immediately opened.
Advantage: server multi-line access bandwidth, whether you are in the ends of the earth, can experience fast access to flying speed.

How application MoreForum Free Forum?

Log www.howbbs.com Click to apply for a free forum button, you can fill out the registration information immediately open your own free forum. Now open

My data safe?

Daily backup of all data to ensure that data is foolproof. At the same time the MoreForum open users to backup their data. However, in order to safe and stable operation of the server, to prevent causing server downtime because users frequently back up your data, we set some restrictions on data backup.

The circumstances under which the forum will be deleted?

Under normal circumstances, the MoreForum does not delete any forum, but the following happens, we will not notice the case directly delete forum:
1, Forums exist illegal information (the definition of illegal information, please refer to the Service Agreement www.howbbs.com / index / agreement.html);
2, The registration information submitted by the user is untrue.