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This policy explains in detail how"MoreForum"And its affiliated companies (hereinafter "we", "us", "our", "", "MoreForum" Build) And MoreForum (Hereinafter "they", "the other party", "their","MoreForum" Group, "MoreForum Development team") How to use dialogue with your information about you (hereinafter "your information").

Your information is collected via two ways. Firstly, by browsing "" Site will MoreForum Software to generate a certain number of cookie files on your computer, These cookie Browser temporary files used to cache information for two. cookie Contains the user's ID information (hereinafter "User ID") and an anonymous user session ID (hereinafter "session ID"), Will be MoreForum The software automatically assigned to you.cookie In your browser "" Website theme automatically generated for storing your browsing history information is used to improve the user experience.

MoreForumSoftware whilst browsing "" Website At the same time create an externalcookie, Although this is beyond the scope of this document is intended to only cover a MoreForum Software to create page second we collect your information is by what you submit software to this case is not limited to: posting as an anonymous user (hereinafter "anonymous posts"), at "" Website registered on the account (hereinafter "your account") whilst logged in and registered post (hereinafter "your posts").

Your account will at least contain a unique user name (hereinafter "your user name"), one for logging into your account personal password (Hereinafter "your password") You and a personal, valid e-mail address (hereinafter behalf of "your email")."www.howbbs.comForum "on account of the information contained in our host countries will be subject to data protection laws. Your username and your password, as well as during the registration process "www.howbbs.comSite requirements other than the email address and any other information you are optional (in addition to the special requirements of software users.) In any case, you can choose your information is published in your accountyou can choose directional transceiver MoreForum Software automatically generated email.

Your password in an encrypted form in the software exists (hash), so it is safe., We hope that you do not use the same username and password on different websites. Your password is in the "www.howbbs.comForum" The only way to access your account, so please guard it carefully your password and in any case there will not be any "www.howbbs.comWebsite related individuals or units, or MoreForum, If you forget your password, you can use or any third party legitimately ask you for your password. MoreForum Software provides the "I forgot my password" feature. Retrieve the password, you will want to answer your username and your email, Then MoreForum The software will generate a new password to reclaim your account.