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MoreForum(www.howbbs.com)Community software and services providerJOYISTAR INC.On November 8, 2006 officially launched a free Build your hosting service(Free Forum Hosting Services)Platform.

JOYISTAR INC.Enterprise of the company's popular Web site software systemMoreForumIs not the same,MoreForumAvailable to the user's corporate website not only software, but also a range of free services including free domain name, unlimited capacity free forum server space, unlimited traffic data bandwidth, free professional Build technology services.

Currently, corporate website is earliest Internet, one of the most mainstream applications, was born more than a decade has been enduring, has become one of the most important points of interest of the people online. According to CNNIC statistics, 65.4% of Chinese Internet users often use the Internet to obtain information. Use the Internet to show business is the trend of the times.

As largest Build your technology and service providers,JOYISTAR INC.From 2001 to the present has more than 300,000 independent website(WebSite)Provide a stable Build technical services. The reason announced the launch of free Build Web Hosting ServicesMoreForum(www.howbbs.com),Because Internet applications in recent years the situation is undergoing revolutionary changes, the specific performance, with the lower threshold of Internet technology and Web 2.0 concepts and community Used more widely, the tide of experienced Internet users has gradually receive information from the past one-way passive, more willing to take the initiative to participate in, and building Internet applications platform to.

ThusMoreForumThe birth, for those willing to engage in personalized forum operators experienced Internet users to realize the ideal conditions and may.

JOYISTAR INC.The company is willing to grow together with the wider community of Internet users inMoreForum(www.howbbs.com)To win new growth and income.